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Empathy for Mumbai

Pause, Listen and Reflect!

empathy for mumbai poster.jpg

This campaign primarily aimed to disburse 5000 “People Called Mumbai- for children” books to the municipal school kids. Also 5% of the funds raised were to be used to build a school library at SS Sahani Municipal School, Khar.


Events for the campaign included:

  • Story Writing workshops:

This workshop started with a narrative mapping of an area and concluded with an interactive story writing exercise.

  • Workshops at school for kids:

A fun-n-frolic session for school kids to participate, learn and discover city through the stories of everyday heroes.

  • Treasure Hunts:

 A circuit around the city was designed to help people discover this urban mammoth called Mumbai through clues and hints.

  • Discover Mumbai Walks:

It’s time for the underdogs! Time for tiny fleets to meet the big guys and know their stories. This walk will take children to everyday heroes- the newspaper boy, the the etc.

  • People Called Mumbai Kids’ Edition Book Readings:

Listen. Absorb. Reflect. Meet the writers and curators of the book and know all the behind the scenes moments.


The events and workshops were designed for adults, children and parents from 10th August 2018 to 21st September 2018.

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