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Treasure hunts


How do you discover a place? With a map, with some clues... we set you to discover treasures. Treasures of conversations: more about people and places.

Open mic night 



Sharing stories doesn't need to have a fixed medium. Discovering Ahmedabad through music.

scene 1 : streetscape

Location : Mumbai

Sketching summer internship where streets of Parel were surveyed in search for stories that were later collated into graphics and translated on paper 

drawing mumbai

Drawing Mumbai was one of the three workshops conducted as a part of ICHH, hosted by Rizvi College of Architecture. Held for around 20 students, it was conducted at our People Place Project studio in Juhu. The two intensive days for these 1st year students encompassed going around 5 locations in Mumbai armed with a quote on a postcard. There task, like a treasure hunt, was to find a visual frame that metaphorically represented the quote. Quotes were beautifully illustrated by the students the next day in black and white and a single color. Having created over 55 postcards, the workshop and the postcards opened up new ways of looking at Mumbai.

Urban stories

We asked the people to bring us an anthology of graphics that tells us about the stories about urban concerns, stories that inspire you, stories that you think are something that everyone needs to know through graphics.