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How we read...

First book in our new Series 'City Mosaics' ...

Are there villages inside cities?

Are there villages where you live?

In one village, inside a well-known city is little Meena who has found something.

Lost and Found is a woven Multi-layered story of an unnoticed cityscape and about a species that has been dwindling. It will leave you with a new lens to look at urban spaces. And this for our chottu citizens....

Lost and Found is Meena’s Story as she races across Worli Koliwada on morning...

Written by (a much published) author Vinitha and illustrated beautifully by Kripa... we are trying to generate stories that will get us closer to our cities...

Vinitha is a flaneur, book devourer, forever thirsty story wanderer and a wannabe poet. She knows for sure that she could write better if she had at her disposal Scottish castles or cliff-perched mansions. For now she makes do with writing, perched on top of the toilet seats while her pre-teen kids try to murder each other outside. Vinitha is also an editor, columnist and content consultant. The City Mosaics will add to her list of 23 published books for children.

Kripa is an illustrator based in Mumbai after completing Fine Arts from Sirr JJ School of Art and Design. Collecting picture books and illustrating for picture books has been her passion. Kripa loves walking, travelling in local trains & buses, observing & documenting the city.

Some pictures from the beautiful reading and art workshop on the 8th of February 2020:

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