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Jan 01, 2020

The Times Of India

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It takes a special labour, a deep sense of purpose, some steely nerve ( and lots of time and patience!) to track such stories and bring them to life.

Jun 29, 2016

The Readers Cosmos

One person thought differently and she started mapping a city via what really makes it one "its people". There is so much more to city than just the standing architectural giants or mouth-watering delicacies. Their lives join to make its history and its tomorrow. A city is like a giant organism made from all of us that live in it; it eats, sleeps and has a feel of its own, its own charm and its own troubles. 

Jun 18, 2015

A narrative of the city from the unshuttered gaze of its denizens, creating a lyrical ode to its uniqueness...

Apr 04, 2015

Radio Mirchi

On Air with Jeeturaaj on Radio Mirchi!!! And we are talking about BrunMaska right now!!! Kudos to the fabulous team. Thrilled with Authorsupfront and FEEL books

Feb 23, 2023

The book dives into a sea of people, surfacing with delightful tales of triumph, spirit and dreams.

Jan 01, 2020


An unparalleled collection by Mumbai-based design students discovers the nuances of the city's people.

Jan 23, 2016

‘People Called Mumbai’ anthology is an ode to Mumbai city

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