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to know us a little better

Nisha Nair-Gupta

Founder & Curator

Nisha Nair-Gupta is the Principal Architect at Design [Variable]. With varied work experience as an architect, journalist and an active participant in the public art initiatives, she oscillates between her two interests of design and writing having spearheaded the first publication and curatorial project People Called Mumbai.

Shriti Das

Consulting Sub-Editor

Post completing her Bachelor's degree in Architecture. Shriti pursued straight- jacketed jobs in design firm before she embarked upon writing and alternative forms of exploring design and art. She is also pursuing a degree in Kathak. In her free time she is found playing with stray dogs or tending to her own pet dog at home.

Interns at our studio

Shivani Pathak

Yogini Diwan

Team Mumbai

Team Ahmedabad


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