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The Heritage Sketchbook

Heritage Sketchbook

Would you know more about a building by drawing it? Explore with the Heritage Sketchbook, a coloring book with a collection of 25 hand drawings.
The pages are arranged on an A3. After printing them, use can center pin it and the book is ready to use.

The Boy Who Wanted

To Fly A Kite

Cover boy who wanted fly kite.PNG

Today, the little boy wants to fly his kite. Quickly gobbling some idlis that his mom made, he wears his chappals and races from his house... his friends will be waiting on the school terrace.
Set in Lower Parel, Mumbai, the illustrations by Roshini Ganesh explore through the lens of “running boy”, the chawls and nearby areas that are a a part of the Mill history of the city.
“A Boy Who Wants To Fly A Kite” is an
interventional novel. After having downloaded/printed the book, you can continue the story on the dialogue bubbles that are provided.

Tea Cup Planting


Dr Martina Spies, founder of Anukruti, inspires you to 'grow' , beginning from a tea cup. 

This booklet can be your introduction and guide.

A home away from the city

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People's Places

Usually as you drive away from the busy metropolis in India, the common sight to see is concrete encroaching the quiet village life of before. Over the last 60 years, as concrete has replaced mud, timber, etc as a faster construction method and a fad, we have lost our unique vernacular language. As the suburbia expands, these places now are again transforming.

A Home Away From The City is a bi-lingual story of child who has lived here.. Written in English and Marathi by Pooja Save.


COVER 71%.jpg
Water Series

71% of the Earth's surface is covered by water. What  are the various relationships we have with it. Aayushi Sejpal has illustrated and designed this to be read as e-book; used as flashcards for storytelling or as a jigsaw puzzle.

THE BOOK: This is a printable book as well can be read as an E-book. for children. The last page is all the pages of the book coming together as one larger picture which needs to be printed separately, folded and then stuck onto the last blank page that is given.

Printing size of book spreads-A4 (297mmx 210mm) Pages- A5 ( 148mmx 210mm)


PUZZLE: This puzzle can be printed on a  A3 paper or sunboard. After printing, the paper needs to be cut along the given guides.


FLASH CARDS: An interactive way of learning, the flash card can be used as a parent-child or teacher-student aid. Image on one side, and  description on the other; children can first attempt to describe the image and then read the description on the back. The cards can also come together on the surface to form a large  map. 

Printing size of each placard should be A5(148mmx 210mm)


To Live

People's Places

Each Family has a unique structure that lends to the place they occupy, the home. This zine moves through the life six families and thus their homes.

People's Places

This lockdown period has brought forth stories of humanity, disparities, limitation, triumph and so on and further has made us reflect on our living conditions. 

Privileged or underprivileged! 

Quarantine Tales 2020 is a public narrative mapping of a variety of these experiences documented through a survey done by our team. Do go through them and maybe find some that you relate to!

Quarantine Tales 2020

Get your Copy

Do you want to discover PLACES through people? Want to hold conversations but don't know how to begin? The Fun sheets are just for you. We have a set of questions that will help you navigate through markets, stations, promenades....

Funsheets for Children

As we are working on
some more FUN additions!

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