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Paani Party

The People Called Series: 

People Called Lucknow
People Called Mumbai
People Called Shillong
People Called Delhi
People Called KalaGhoda
People Called Ahmedabad
People Called Kolkata
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Paani Party

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Heritage Handbook

The Heritage Handbook – Kalyan/Thane
The Heritage Handbook – Vasai
The Heritage Handbook – Bandra
The Heritage Handbook – Mumbadevi


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Heritage Maps
Treasures At The Terminus
Songs of Soil
People Called Mumbai
What shapes a space into a 'place'?

the 'people' ... who live, build, dream, negotiate - forming all the histories and cultures of the city/place

Often in our busy lives, seldom do we have moments of pause - where we reflect on our immediate surroundings and listen to the beautiful stories that surround us. These personal narratives, that we have missed are often not so personal after all. Layers of all our stories fall into the compartments of a collective narrative forming the history and the socio-political story of the place. The People Place Project works in this premise, bringing forth multiple hitherto unknown stories thus providing a re-reading of the place and world we inhabit. 


Started in 2014, with our first title People Called Mumbai, the project now aims to travel across the prime cities of India and the globe. Currently, we are exploring Chennai, Goa, Kochi, and Kashmir. 


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