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The People Called Series: 

People Called Lucknow
People Called Ahmedabad
People Called Shillong
People Called Mumbai
People Called Delhi
People Called Kolkata

Our first, the People Called… Series explores the space of personal stories that form compartments of a collective narrative depicting the history and the socio-cultural fabric of the place. These anthologies bring forth multiple perspectives and hitherto unknown stories - providing an empathetic rereading of the place we inhabit. Started in 2015, with our first title People Called Mumbai, the project now aims to explore other models of the written word that can talk about places, people and more.


What makes Mumbai ‘Mumbai’, is its people. With a diverse population influx each minute, every person here is a story in its own. But their story is not theirs alone. Many a time, it belongs to a collective narrative, falling into compartments of the city's history. We often zoom past people, landmarks, places, with a little thought that they could hold within them a beautiful account of their life. People Called Mumbai is compilation of many such accounts!

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the 'people' called mumbai

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stories by the sea

इस शहर में जहां सब कुछ बदलता है

एक समुद्र जो कभी नहीं बदलता

(In the city that alters every moment, it is only the sea that remains constant)


The People Place Project is micro-mapping Mumbai, this time of People by the Sea! The sea that borders the city unknowingly influences the life of every Mumbaikar. Meandering by the coastal promenades of the city, we came across more stories that needed to be heard and told. STORIES BY THE SEA is an on-going curatorial project that talks about these stories from the queen’s necklace up to the untouched beaches of the northern-most tip of the magical city. 

by Saylee Soundalgekar & Vishanka Gandhi


Apnu Amdavad is a rich myriad of monuments, educational institutions, museums as well as cultures of food, performing arts and markets . These flavors of Ahmedabad are enriched and beautified by none other than the Amdavadis. ‘People Called Ahmedabad’ is an attempt to map the enticing city through personal narratives while unraveling the story of the city itself.

the process

the 'people' called 'ahmedabad