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people called ladakh

The “People Place” is a narrative mapping exercise, exploring cultural heritage-both tangible and intangible through the framework of personal narratives.

Discovering Ladakh through lens of Culture

A culture of a place is resolute of numerous overlays. That of its place and people, economics and culture, amenities and infrastructure. How does one tell the story of such intricate maze of these interconnected systems and sub systems? 


The realities and reveries, food and fashion, past and future, nostalgia and dreams, time and space, people and politics, art and architecture, cliché and cultures, colors and spices, celebrations and surprises, virtues and advices, problems, life and lessons, experiences and anecdotes! 

In a form that is democratic, as it comes from any citizen at random; and plural with multi-faceted perspectives of city's life


Lets look at a place through PEOPLE!

People Called Ladakh will be a collection of 20-25 stories, highly illustrated, to tell the story of Ladakhi culture through the experiences and eyes of its people. This page works as a general editorial guide to help you contribute to the anthology. However, we encourage you to communicate with us for discussing your themes or any other queries regarding the project or the writing.

The following is the general editorial framework for reference:

The key factors are:
- The stories have to be non-fiction i.e. based on interviews and primary. 

- The narratives must foreground an individual's or a group's narrative.

Word limit: 1500- 2000 words

Deadline: July 30, 2023

Contact Email: 

Meet the curators


Nisha Nair-Gupta

Nisha spearheads the publishing initiative 'People Place Project’ that is invested in urban research, pedagogy and publication of literature on urban consciousness, since its inception in 2017. She is an architect, urban researcher and writer. After her Bachelors in Architecture from Mumbai University, she pursued her post-graduation in Humanities and Journalism from CEPT University, Ahmedabad and is currently a PhD research scholar at Centre of Urban Science and Engineering at IIT-Bombay. Her research focus being ethnographic research methodologies, planning, place making and walking practices.


Shashi Velath

Shashi is a leadership coach, social impact strategist, entrepreneur and a writer. He is currently CEO -APAC of Bridge Institute, a special purpose organisationcommitted to advancing the SDGs. His approach brings the State, Society and Market together to find common purpose and act with singular strategic vision to solve the big issues of our times. He has been a war journalist, reporting from the ground across Asia's conflict hotspots. He is an avid trekker and curates ethnographic trekking trips to northeast India to help raise funds for building social infrastructure for the local communities.

Ongoing process. . .

Our canvas so far...

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