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Updated: Jun 3, 2020

Since our first curatorial venture of People Called Mumbai we have aimed at discovering this city through lens of people’s stories. In October 2017, the kids’ edition of People Called Mumbai was launched to enable children to discover and learn about the city through its everyday heroes; like the newspaper vendor, the grocer, the domestic-help, the policemen and so on.

"A city is known for its culture; a culture derived by its people. And each of us has a story that defines our city in a way no book does..."

The Mumbai-life often coerces us to live in our ghettos oblivious to a lot of other finer nuances of city life. This Empathy project is an endeavor to create wide-awakening towards people and their stories in these young minds. It aims at delving into lives and narratives of everyday Mumbaikars in the hope of knowing their stories which will make us more responsible towards them. With the help of an NGO- Apanalay, the intent is to pair kids from different background to co-work towards discovering the city through their miniscule and moppet perspectives. We will conduct multiple events across the city to enable our young Mumbaikars achieve this intent.

This initiative will help us engage with the finer nuances of everyday life that are often missed or even lost in the humdrum of city life...

  • This campaign targets to disburse 5000 books of People Called Mumbai Kids’ Edition to municipal school students and select NGOs. This will give the students an opportunity to engage with the city through the book and the workshops thus spread the message of empathy!

  • 5% of the amount raised from the campaign will go up in setting up a community library in the local municipal school.

Come and engage yourself in this campaign and experience the joy of giving, the fulfillment in receiving and discover your city, for there is so much more to know...

Events for the campaign

  • Story Writing workshops:

Buckle your boots and ink your quills. This workshop will start with a narrative mapping of an area and conclude with an interactive story writing exercise.

  • Workshops at school for kids:

A fun-n-frolic session for school kids to participate, learn and discover city through the stories of everyday heroes.

  • Treasure Hunts:

Ready to get Sherlocked? A circuit around the city has been designed to help you discover this urban mammoth called Mumbai through clues and hints.

  • Discover Mumbai Walks:

It’s time for the underdogs! Time for tiny fleets to meet the big guys and know their stories. This walk will take children to everyday heroes- the newspaper boy, the the etc.

  • People Called Mumbai Kids’ Edition Book Readings:

Listen. Absorb. Reflect. Meet the writers and curators of the book and know all the behind the scenes moments.

The events and workshops have been designed for adults, children and parents that will be held across the city from 10th August 2018 to 21st September 2018. For more information please visit our Facebook page.

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