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The Urban Treasure Hunt @Todi Mill Social

It was just another most-awaited day of the week- SUNDAY! Yes, the Fun-day of the week when 11 city enthusiasts’ gathered at the old glory of the city- the mills’ to embark on an unknown trail.

What began as an

oblivious journey

opened a new vista

for the participants

at the end of the trail...

The Urban Treasure Hunt, as the name suggests was curated to discover a hidden treasure in the Bombay City-The People’s Story. The hunt began at 8 am from Todi Mill Social. Three trails were let loose in the Worli-Prabhadevi-Parel area to discover the treasures of the city in the way of engaging with people and finding their stories. Four teams of followed the trail with a set of clues and hints. The task was to unlock each destination and complete the tasks listed. And of course, the early bird catches the worm, so time was an essential variable.

The energy was mounting

and the pulses were radiating

with the discoveries from the hunt...

While some gorged on lip smacking brun maskas, some brought sweet souvenirs and some decided to break free and immerse themselves in the hunt. The participants interacted and engaged with the locals and documented snippets of their lives and stories. All this was chat over at Socials while sipping some cutting chai and cookies.

The final outcome of the hunt was an outburst of discoveries that poured from the participants who were sweating and panting yet gleaming with the joy of this expedition. After the hunt, all the treasures collected were shared amongst the participant as they narrated their enriching experiences through the trail.

At the end of two hours the spirit was higher than before and Sunday had finally begun well!

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