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The Open Library

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

Open Library is a catalogue or collection of texts by the People Place Project, that is available to download and free use. Created over various student workshops, internships and collaborations with writers and artists, the texts (books, zines, puzzles, flash cards, story cards and so on) are all exploring concepts of built and unbuilt environment. To be released on June 15.

Over the last three years of the People Place Project, long with creating books and literature about People's Place; we have been actively conducting various outreach events to promote concepts of "text and place-making". Our publishing partners in this pursuit have been Penguin Random House, India. These include workshops, open mics, treasure hunts, student internships, sketch-peditions, open studios and so on, in association with various colleges, schools and venues across the country. At that moment, the intent was purely outreach and not for content generation. However over the last few months, with the lock down pushing the print publishing industry into a standstill, we got the much needed introspection of our archives. There was a range of material, from narratives, to poetry to illustrations... our studio decided to take it ahead, process the material and release them. As we perceive most of these texts to be used by young children or students, we decided to keep a free access. Also we are actively working on translating them in various Indian languages so that English language is not a barrier in the journey of understanding key concepts of 'Place-making'.

Our first release, The Heritage Sketchbook was an extension to our ongoing Heritage Handbook- Mumbai Fort, as was generated over a student workshop by Smt K L Tiwari College of Architecture at the People Place Project Studio in May 2018. During the course of internship, the students went across the Fort area of Mumbai documenting it with sketches and drawings.

The Team that made this happen is: Aagam Zaveri, Aquilin Misquitta, Mehak Gupta, Pooja Save, Ritesh Shetye, Rizzel Dias, Siona D’Mello and Uttam Suthar were the enthusiastic summer interns whose drawings are a part of the book, from the People Place Project Studio - Sukanya Roychoudhury.

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