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The post production saw an infinite gush of interesting activities. The book launch on 14th January, 2015 was held at THE HIVE and was attended by a solid strength of 230. The HIVE being written about in the book was highly upheld. The ‘people’ of Mumbai, then travelled to Istanbul at INTCESS - the social sciences forum. Commencing the presentation with PIXELS, the elite crowd of Turkey was in awe for the impact the people had on the faces of the city. The month of February witnessed an in-conversation between Nisha Nair-Gupta with People Called Mumbai and Kamu Iyer talking about his book Boombay. The Litmus Festival in Bangalore relived the making of People called Mumbai, by organising a narrative workshop. The enthusiastic participants communicated with each other and then with the localities to create a miniature version of People Called Bangalore. With numerous book readings, one better than the other; the radio Mirchi contest with Jeeturaj was a feather on the cap.

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