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Nisha was the backbone, the guide, the friend and the boss. Sahil was the only guy amongst a strong team of 6 girls. He was the buddy who always helps and is as friendly as possible. Soumya was the silently cool one who designed the graphics. An office that had transformed itself into a research cell had been nothing short of awesome. Vanessa came with her brilliant stories, Zankar with his sensational style, Mariel with her calm and adorable personality and Krupa came with her loving and easy going ways. Sohan, Ain and Vinit from ‘the other side’ always chimed in and gave interesting ideas.

The refined stories were a myriad of contributions by people in Mumbai, Nisha, the authors and Nishita. The two day workshop with Nishita included the formation of the framework of the stories. After a lot of brainstorming, the names of the stories were pinned on the really-flashy-newspaper-printed-busy tack board with small papers, and stickers. By the end the tack board got almost full, emerging out as a collage of small texts, yellow-pink stickers and white paper chits. Nishita emphasised on the details of creative writing. She taught us how to interview people. After working with her, even if it was for a flicker of a second, the team of interns felt like the journalist themselves.

‘Not to forget our ‘househelper’ who kept shifting her schedule for our schedules and last but not the least our favourite ‘Chaiwallah’who had set the daily routine, and without whom we just could not start or end our days!’ recalled Vanessa.

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