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People Called Mumbai – was a compilation of the chosen moments that gently swayed in the Mumbai’s air but had the strength to freeze the gazer in its time and place. The publication was a compilation of 55 narratives that mapped the city breaking the barriers of occupations, geography and income. It was about striking the right chord. It was about bringing out a quality of a cosmopolitan that would render the place humane. It was about discovering the identity of the unsung heroes whose charm added yet another flavor to the potpourri of the city.

‘The book humbled me’ says Sahil. It let off his ego of being; it taught him the art of sharing smiles, of talking to a passerby without any purpose and of wiping off the tempest of unfulfilled dreams. It proved to be an empathetic exercise for the readers where they would pause as they pass by the milestones described in the stories. The book gave the stream of architecture and writing, a framework to perceive the cities in a manner that would promote a deeper indulgence with respect to designing of humanitarian cities. ‘I have learnt, not only to talk to people but to communicate with them. I have learnt, not only to listen but also to absorb the stories for an empathetic personality. I have learnt, to venture fearlessly into the untouched locations. Life has given me amazing lessons through People called Mumbai’ says Aarsha.

‘With positive reviews from many and ideas popping out from our own heads, we have decided to take this project further, with accumulating more stories and opening it to a wider audience with more people on board. Molding it furthermore, the project has now been envisioned as a curatorial expedition, with many more people coming together, interpreting these stories and taking it to an exhibition. Still figuring everything out, but I'm super sure it is going to be more exciting, more engaging and definitely bigger.’ ensures Sahil.

It ignited in the assemblage of ten a feeling of belongingness towards the city and its people. ‘You do not have to build or design something iconic to bring about a marvelous change’ – they say. All of it has helped the 'people-on-the-project' to grow and look deeper into the details; it has already seemed to help them evolve in architecture and beyond! It's been crazy with so much happening around and within the city that they still feel the flutter of ideas still popping out now and then. It is an inevitable spirit of Mumbai with its people who make it and portray it that will keep this journey alive. It's a journey re-discovering one and all!

In a city, life swarms amongst innocent monsters. It is a challenge to identify and bring about the best in them.

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