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Authors onboard!

As I continue to summarise the notes, let me introduce you our authors on board as well:

- Ipshita Karmakar & Shivani Mehta- currently interning with Sangath, both from Mumbai have decided to write some of their engagements and discoveries in the city. Ipshita has previously written for People Calle Mumbai.

- So is Pramada Jagtap. She is interning with Architect Neelkanth Chaya

- Sriram Natrajan, who has spent 5-6 years in Ahmedabad as a student at the school of architecture, CEPT, fascinated with people, conversations and stroytelling has been sending us some amazing field notes, which are an exciting read themselves ( we have decided to share them here)

-Saylee, from our PPP team has already made a visit to Ahmedabad and met a bunch exciting Amdavadis whom she is going to write about

All terrific insights, terrific writing and you will have to wait for them untill the book is out.

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