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  • Shivani Pathak

Shillong Photo Contest Winners !

Pictures often illustrate things that words sometimes fail to describe. No wonder they say that a picture is worth a thousand words. And what better way to further explore a place than through photographs ? Hence, The People Place Project organised a photo contest for the upcoming book- People Called Shillong. The entries that we received were all extremely beautiful and opened new portals to the city, its people and its life.

Of the 208 entries we received it was extremely difficult for us to shortlist just 15 of them for the contest. The contest started on the 2nd of July,17 and continued till the midnight of 4th of July,17. The winning was completely based on the social media likes that the photos received. The response that we garnered in these three days was tremendous and overwhelming. Here’s a look at our winning entries !

Calvin Lyngdoh’s photo was the winning entry for the photo contest for Facebook with 410 likes !

Ehunrisa Sumer’s photo was the winning entry for Instagram contest with a whopping 440 likes !

Daniel Ranee’s photo was selected by the studio as the winning entry for his wonderful timing and click!

We will also be publishing the other wonderful entries by the other shortlisted participants this weekend as special mentions. And soon we will also be publishing photos from the remaining 193 entries for we want you all to see those beautiful pictures too, so stay tuned!

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